Which Paint or Coating do I need?


  • Bare metal surfaces
  • ferrous or non-ferrous 
  • corrosion-free surfaces 
  • Flexible panels upper body work.

The high adhesion provided prevents chipping and ensures excellent top-coat adhesion for a range of different intermediates and topcoats.

Primes and provides anti-corrosion protection.

Maximum working temperature once cured is 120°C

Available in 500ml aerosol, 1 litre and 5 litre pails.


  • Corrosion-free surfaces
  • Bare surfaces
  • ferrous surfaces
  • provides maximum corrosion protection in highly corrosive marine conditions, 
  • chassis protection, industrial installations.

electrox creates a surface film of over 93% zinc, creating both a barrier and an electronically conductive pathway to provide protection from corrosion.

Can be left uncoated or top coated with a wide range of finishing paints to further increase protection

Available in 400ml aerosol and 1ltr pail.

hydrate 80

  • Corroded ferrous metal with corrosion that has been mechanically removed by abrasive discs, grinder, or manual methods.

Reactive material chemically alters the oxide state to stabilise the corrosion process.

The tough inert barrier imparted should be top coated to provide maximum protection.

Available in 500ml and 1 litre.


  • Uneven surfaces in need of perfecting before top coat application, useful for small projects, local repairs.
  • Can be used over most fully cured paint surfaces
  • high-bild works extremely well with most bare metal primers including our own electrox and etchweld materials
  • Can be used on bare metal

Filler primer designed to fill and level imperfections in automotive bodywork. The auto-cross linking film avoids shrink back on repaired areas.

highbild is designed to be over coated with a wide-range of single and two pack finishes.

Available in 750ml aerosol.

epoxy mastic

  • Bare surfaces for rapid completion of work
  • Primed surfaces (ideally primed with electrox) for best protection
  • Surfaces with small amounts of remaining corrosion (preferably treated with hydrate 80 first, although epoxy mastic is tolerant to surfaces with remaining corrosion)

Steels should be degreased and free from loose scale and debris. Aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised steel should be etch-primed with etch-weld self-etching primer.

All epoxy mastic coatings can “chalk” on long term exposure to UV light. To prevent this aesthetic deterioration over coat with suitable UV stable top coat. epoxy mastic is inert to the vast majority of top coat systems.

Available in 2 part packs, 1ltr pails in white, grey and black.