Which Cleaner or Degreaser do I need?

auto-wash -

Recommended for hand washing painted automotive surfaces with a bucket, mitt or sponge.

  • Removes organic and inorganic traffic films and debris.
  • Lubricates the surface to avoid micro-scratching.
  • Non corrosive so that trapped washing water will not cause unseen corrosion.

auto-wheel -

Attacks embedded matter in alloy wheels for a quick and easy washing process.

  • Spray on and leave to react, during which a dramatic colour change occurs.
  • Simply rinsing is usually all that is required to produce perfect clean wheels.
  • Supplied with a brush for very stubborn contamination.

auto-foam -

For effective washing or pre-washing of vehicle bodies using a power washer, auto-foam should be selected.

  • At 4 - 5% concentration, auto-wash provides remarkable cleaning power
  • Its non-caustic formulation allows it to be used at every wash if required with no fear of dulling paint finishes.

surfex HD -

In extremely heavy duty situations the high powered degreasing and cleaning power of non-caustic Surfex HD should be considered 1st choice.

  • Can be used is power washers, or as a spray-on rinse-off cleaner.
  • Dilution rates from 1% to neat.
  • surfex HD cleans paintwork, concrete, heavy equipment, engines, plant and machinery.
  • surfex HD is also effective as a fabric cleaner at dilute concentrations.
  • Whilst surfex HD can be used to prepare heavily soiled surfaces for subsequent paintwork or coatings for example with dynax products it should be considered a first stage and followed by a thorough wipe down with suitable solvent wiping.

korrosol -

korrosol is a high activity fallout remover that effortlessly removes embedded metallic particles from vehicle paintwork.

  • korrosol is recommended for use prior to treatment with auto-clay.
  • Actively removes embedded metallic particles in a simple spray on rinse off action. 
  • By removing these particles before clay bar is used the clay bar will last longer and concentrate its action on the remaining contamination

cleanser-fluid -

After washing and rinsing paintwork with any of the above water-based cleaners it is highly recommended that before waxing the surface is cleansed of any surfactant or remaining traffic film by using our cleanser-fluid.

  • This gentle solvent based cleaner primes the surface and ensures maximum durability for waxes and sealers.
  • Can also be used to prepare bare steel for painting.