What Anti-corrosion/Cavity Wax do I need?

anti-corrosion (AC) soft film waxes are developed to be surface tolerant and highly resistant to the conditions found in hollow sections and cavities.

For surfaces that are not likely to be physically touched they are the best choice.

They can be removed at any time by suitable detergents such as surfex HD or more rapidly by solvents such as white spirit.

Dynax-s50 is a soft film developed for cavities, tougher wax films like dynax-UC and dynax-UB are drier and resist debris collection and abrasion. They are more suited to exterior steel surfaces such as floor pans, chassis exteriors, fuel tank outer surfaces etc.
Exterior anti-corrosion waxes are best applied to an already painted surface, for example epoxy mastic, although bare metal protection is also excellent.

dynax-S50 -

dynax-S50 our cavity wax optimised for vehicle body work, is surface tolerant it provides exceptional protection, use inside chassis, interiors of double skinned panels, door pillars and inside doors etc.

  • Supplied in 750ml aerosols complete with 60cm injection lance the protection process is simple.
  • Also available in 5ltr and bulk packaging.

dynax-UB -

dynax-UB is a “black” pigmented tough wax, corrosion inhibitor rich product. 

  • Supplied in 750ml aerosol, 5 litre and bulk.

dynax-UC - 

dynax-UC is a touch dry and tough AC wax supplied in 750ml aerosols, designed to work at very low (20 micron) film thickness it can provide virtually transparent films that dramatically boost the corrosion protection of painted surfaces.

  • Ideal for use on vehicle undersides where a factory appearance or non black finish is preferred.
  • Also great for lower panel, and chrome protection over winter as well as under bonnet engine bay protection.
  • Can be left indefinitely on painted surfaces or removed when required.