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Quick Overview

Liquid carnauba with built-in cleaning power


One-step carnauba based paint cleaner and finishing wax

micro-fine is a one-step cleansing and protection product specifically for use on top quality paint finishes. The product contains high levels of carnauba and other waxes to produce a durable and protective film that is highly compatible with finis-wax and hydra-wax, although it can be used as a highly effective stand-alone product for use on lightly aged paint work to rejuvenate and seal in a deep gloss. Can be used frequently, is extremely easy to use and produces a highly detergent resistant, water repellent finish.
Multi-purpose all-in-one product

micro-fine contains micro particle abrasives for fine paint cleansing and conditioning. Ideal for paintwork in excellent condition. The micro-sized particles will remove traces of old polishes and waxes, compound 'fillers' and road film remains but will not inflict swirls or cob-webb like holograms to highly prepped paint.

micro-fine can be used:

  • On new or recently corrected paint

  • To remove light marring

  • After claying

  • As an all in one polish and wax

  • Before finis-wax or hydra-wax

Quick Guide

Contains micro-particles for fine paint cleansing and conditioning.

Detergent proof.

High carnauba content in buffed film.

Free of surfactants.


Packaged in a 500ml aluminum bottle.

Supplied with 1 large microfibre cloth and 1 app-pad.

How To Use

Thoroughly wash the vehicle with hot soapy water, only use salt-free automotive shampoos. Do not use wash and wax products. Dry the vehicle using a chamois leather or a synthetic equivalent.

micro-fine’s micro particles will refine paintwork in excellent condition, but if your paintwork is faded, feels rough or has not been polished for a long period, it will be necessary to use auto-clay, cleanser-polish or even a cutting compound. Once prepared in this way regular application of micro-fine will maintain a high-gloss finish without need for further use of abrasive polishes. Use of cleanser-fluid prior to application of micro-fine will dramatically boost the longevity of the buffed film.

Shake micro-fine well. Using the microfibre cloth or an app-pad, work the product in small circular motions to deep-clean the vehicle’s paint. Work in a cool, shaded position. Allow product to haze before buffing with the large microfibre cloth to a high-shine.

For greatest cleaning power, micro-fine should be applied with the microfibre cloth and buffed off before hazing over. For greater protection it should be applied using the app-pad and buffed after hazing over.

Shipping Info

micro-fine is non-hazardous and can be shipped worldwide.

Supplied with 1 large microfibre cloth and 1 app-pad.