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Quick Overview

Aerosol applied high build primer, easy sanding.


High build filler primer

Gigantic 750ml Aerosol with adjustable fan pattern spray valve

An excellent high solids modified alkyd / zinc phosphate high build filler primer designed to fill and level imperfections in automotive bodywork. Extensive testing against current filler primers proves highbilds superior build rate and flatting characteristics. The auto-cross-linking film avoids shrink back on repaired areas.

The fast drying film is easily flatted back to achieve and even film and good flow out of subsequent finish coats.

highbild is designed to be over coated with a wide-range of single and two pack finishes. highbild can be used on bare metal, GRP and fully cured paint surfaces.

Dry film thickness typically 25 – 50 micron. Normal cure time is 60 minutes before flatting and 90 minutes before over coating. Accelerated cure can be provided by infra-red lamp. highbild provides true spray gun levels of filler primer build from an aerosol package.

Quick Guide

High build, easy sanding filler primer, quick cure and acclerated cure.

Thixotropic formulation clings with anti-sag to vertical surfaces.

How To Use

Aerosol: Always shake the can vigorously for 2 minutes before use.

Always carry out small-scale trial on existing paint coatings, filler and proposed topcoat systems.

Bare steel should be thoroughly degreased with solvent degrease before proceeding. Any existing coating should be flatted using 280 to 400 grit wet or dry paper, then degrease using panel wipe solvent.

Apply even coats at a distance of approximately 25cm. Drying time is dependent on ambient temperature, air movement and film thickness. Guide times; touch dry 30 minutes, firm dry 60 minutes and over coat in 90 minutes.

Flattening normally occurs after 1 hour drying at 200C can be forced dry using medium to long wave infra-red devices. Flattening should carried out using dry 400-600 grade paper or wet with 600-800 grade.

Please contact our free-of-charge technical help line in the event of any question

Shipping Info

highbild is hazardous for the puropses of shipping and can only be sent to selected destinations in Europe.

highbild is supplied with an adjustable fan spray nozzle.