dynax SEAM


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Quick Overview

Fast drying, brushable, flexible anti-corrosion seam sealer


dynax SEAM Fast Drying Sealer

dynax SEAM is easily applied with a brush to protect welded joints, seams and overlapped panel work.

It provides high levels of protection against abrasion, stone chip damage and corrosion.

The non-stringing formulation holds brush marks well so that OEM finishes can be replicated.

With solids content in excess of 50% this product will outperform competing materials.

Quick Guide

Single pack air curing seam sealer.

Perfects and protects seams with OEM quality finish and appearance.

Easy-to-use non stringing formulation.

Grey finish to compliment all top coats.

Supplied in a 1 litre lever lid tin.

How To Use

Ensure that surfaces are dry and free of any contamination, degrease thoroughly with panel-wipe or clean solvent such as xylene.

Apply seam sealer generously and evenly with a brush along the seam. Achieve a dry film thickness of 200 microns over thinnest point.

Drying time with vary with temperature, humidity and air movement, but typically 6-10 minutes to surface dry and 8-10 hours to fully cure. 

Accepts a wide range of paint finishes once fully cured.

Always test at small scale your chosen paint system in full before use.