Winter Care Kit

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Our Winter Care Kit provides the perfect products to protect your car this winter!


Winter Care Kit

Care for and protect your car either before or after winter.

Much undissolved road salt ends up down drains or on verges, but its use is appalling news for cars because it gets displaced onto the underside of your car, where it can turn a slight scratch or nick into deadly rust.

Afternoon's work - peace of mind for years!

So set aside an afternoon and prepare the underside of your car with our winter road kit.

It contains:
5ltr surfex HD
500ml ferrosol
500ml hydrate 80
2 x 750ml dynax S50

This is all you need to protect your car from the ravages of winter and road salt!

Quick Guide

2 x 750ml dynax S-50
1 x ferrosol 500ml
1 x 500ml hydrate 80
1 x 5 Litre surfex HD

How To Use

Firstly, hose or pressure wash the underside of the car to get rid of any debris and mud.

Next, apply surfex HD with brush or spray - surfex HD is a new technology water-based degrease with performance matching or exceeding the most powerful solvent cleaners. Use concentrated for the most stubborn oily grime on suspension uprights or diluted for lighter soils in, for example, wheel arches, it’s pleasant and safe to use.

Next, inspect the underside, sills and arches for rust. Use hydrate 80 to neutralise corrosion and to passivate clean steel - massively increasing corrosion resistance. hydrate 80 is proven in long-term tests by the German TÜV organisation, and by Practical Classics magazine.

Once cured finish with a paint coating of your choice.

Then, apply ferrosol to nuts and bolts, door hinges, electrical contacts etc. ferrosol displaces moisture, keeps water at bay and will lubricate all winter long. Finally, use the critically acclaimed dynax S-50 cavity wax aerosol provided complete with a 60cm lance to introduce our cavity wax into box sections and other vulnerable areas.

Simple care, quick and easy measures, but ones which are going to keep your car rust-free and looking good.

Buy this kit now, and it might not just be money you’re saving.

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This product is hazardous so can only be shipped to destinations within Europe.