fuel tank cleaning kit

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Clean even the heaviest corrosion from the interior of your vehicle fuel tank.


Fuel tank cleaning kit

This kit contains the necessary material to clean even heavy corrosion from the interior of vehicle fuel tanks.

deox-C is a crystalline, 100% active corrosion removal product.

This product is dissolved in tap water to produce a powerful rust removing liquid.

To ensure that deox-C operates efficiently the surfaces should be clean of oil, grease and other residues.

surfex HD is the perfect pre-treatment cleaner. It too is biodegradable and effortlessly strips fuel residues, oils, organic and inorganic soils

fuel tank cleaning kit

Quick Guide

This kit includes:

1 x deox-C 1kg (sufficient for 20 litres)
1 x surfex HD 1ltr (dilutes to 20 litres for fuel tank cleaning)

How To Use

Add 19 litres of hot water to isolated fuel tank, it's best if the tank is removed from the vehicle. Add the 1 litre surfex HD swill to mix.

Allow the tank to soak for 2 hours before agitating again.

If the tank is over 20 litres in capacity inversion is satisfactory as there is normally sufficient capacity in the surfex HD solution to deal with larger surface areas.

After soaking all sides for 2 hours in surfex HD, drain the liquid into a container a put aside for further use until saturated.


Add 19 litres of hot water, as hot as you can get it, into a container and stir in 1 kilo of deox - C.

Stir until every trace of solid crystal is gone. You'll have increase work if your water is cooler.

Add mix to fuel tank, drain and inspect interior regularly using a torch.

The process normally takes from 2 hours to overnight dependent on temperature and degree of corrosion. Inversion is possible here too to contact all surfaces.

deox-C is exhausted once the solution is black. After treatment rinse with warm water and dry.

Fill with fuel as soon as possible.

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This product is non-hazardous and can be shipped worldwide.