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  • deox-C

    Crystalline non-toxic rust remover for creating powerful corrosion removal bath

    Starting at: £14.95

  • deox-gel

    Non-toxic rust removal gel for parts not able to be soaked in deox-C bath

    Starting at: £12.95

  • dynax S50

    Extreme duty anti-corrosion wax for cavities, voids and long term protection

    Starting at: £14.95

  • dynax SEAM dynax SEAM

    dynax SEAM

    Fast drying brushable, flexible anti-corrosion seam sealer
  • dynax-UB

    dynax-UB is a high-performance anti-corrosion wax designed for car underbodies

    Starting at: £12.95

  • dynax-UC

    See through long term anti-corrosion wax for bare metals or painted surfaces

    Starting at: £14.95

  • electrox

    Zinc rich coating containing in excess of 93% in dry film, excellent long term corrosion protection

    Starting at: £12.95

  • epoxy mastic

    Heavy duty 2 part waterproof tough coating for steel and alloys

    Starting at: £29.95

  • ferrosol ferrosol


    Water displacing multi-purpose lubricant which is ...
  • hydrate 80

    hydrate 80 is a rust converter which provides unparalleled protection to rusted steel surfaces.

    Starting at: £14.95

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Our rust removers, inhibitors and converters outperform competing products; they are trusted world-wide by major industries, leading manufactures and quality restoration businesses too. 

Our deox range of rust removers are capable of removing heavy rust, yet remain safe to use with no danger to skin or the environment. They are biodegradable and do not liberate corrosive fumes. Available in both concentrated powder deox-C, and gel form deox-GEL. 

By chemically altering the oxide layer formed on corroding steel, hydrate 80 rust converter provides a rapid solution to prevent the rapid destruction of paints applied to previously corroded steel – the powerful chemical reaction that occurs as the material is applied to mechanically cleaned steel surfaces results in a passive black oxide layer that can then be top coated. Tested by the German TUV organisation and proven to provide performance equalling primers applied to clean steel.

Our dynax range of metal soap, over based calcium sulphonate anti-corrosion waxes are designed for heavy duty rust proofing of vehicle cavities, the protection of box sections, and also hollow voids which have been exposed to severe corrosion. dynax-s50 has been proven in long-term testing - most recently by the Material Science Department at Herefordshire University - to substantially beat other waxes in impartial and side-by-side testing.