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Quick Overview

Heavy duty 2 part waterproof tough coating for steel and alloys


epoxy mastic is an ultra-durable, high solids, heavy duty protective coating for steel and alloys

It provides the ultimate corrosion protection to chassis, vehicles, plant, and machinery.

Made in the UK with superior epoxy and low surface tension wetting hydrocarbon resins.

When compared to competing formulations this material will outperform other epoxy mastic and moisture cure urethane products.

Our epoxy mastic is further combined with pure zinc phosphate to provide unparalleled rust and corrosion proofing.

Quick Guide

Two pack product

Available in Black, Grey and White

Long pot life

Coverage: 10m per 2litre at 100micron dry film thickness

Corrosion Inhibitor additives

Suitable for long term immersion in marine environments

How To Use

epoxy mastic can be applied to mechanically cleaned rusted steel, or steel cleaned by grit blasting.
Where steel is clean of rust and corrosion application of Electrox zinc rich primer will dramatically increase the long term performance and provides protection far beyond epoxy mastics applied directly to steel.
On previously corroded steel not fully clean, increased protection can be afforded by the use of Hydrate 80

Steels should be degreased and free from loose scale and debris. Aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised steel should be etch-primed with Etch-Weld self-etching primer.

Mix 4 parts of “66MAS” to 1part “66 ACC” The former is the mastic base the latter accelerator or hardener.
Stir thoroughly and apply by brush or roller. Thin and clean brushes with xylene or preferably 2-pack thinner.

Hard dry in 7hours depending on temperature and conditions, drying is retarded below 10 deg C

Coverage 10 m2 litre@ 100micron dry film thickness

All epoxy mastic coatings can “chalk” on long term exposure to UV light.
To prevent this aesthetic deterioration over coat with suitable UV stable top coat. Epoxy Mastic is inert to the vast majority of top coat systems.

Shipping Info

This product is classed as hazardous for the purposes of shipping so can only be shipped to selected destinations within Europe.