Car Magazine Awards

double speed-wax

Double speed wax award badges, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Just months after its release, double speed wax won Auto Express Magazine’s sought after Best Buy Car Wax award.
It was recommended in 2016’s Best Buy testing, and won in both 2015 and 2017.

 “There’s little reason to spend a fortune on a wax when £15 will buy you this kind of performance.”
- Auto Express

image of double speed wax tin with micro fibre cloth and applicator pad.

dynax S-50

Hertfordshire University logo

dynax S-50 has been independently tested under the harshest conditions by Hertfordshire University. It was proven to dramatically outperform leading cavity wax brands.

 “The aim of the test is to qualify the performance of each product by way of a documented visual examination”
- Hertfordshire University.

image of dynax s-50 aerosol can


finis-wax provides very high protection and gives off an amazing shine.
It was recommended by the Auto Express Car Wax testers in both 2013 and 2014. 

“There’s a little resistance when buffing, but no dusting.”
- Auto Express Magazine

image of finis wax 250ml tin with micro fiber cloth and foam applicator pad


award badges for auto clay

auto-clay is the only bar to have won Auto Express Best Buy award, and has achieved this each and every time group tests have been conducted.

“Only need to use water to apply, great at shifting grime, top value for money”
- Auto Express Magazine

image of the three grades of auto-clay, regular, medium and soft.


auto wash award badges

auto-wash combines superior cleaning, minimises water staining after rinsing and is anti-corrosive too.
auto-wash has been awarded Auto Express Magazine’s Best Car Shampoo 3 years running! 

“auto-wash retains its crown, quickly clearing the panel even though you use only tiny amounts.”
- Auto-Express Magazine

image of auto wash car shampoo bottle


auto wheel awards, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

auto-wheel is both a non-acid, non-alkaline professional alloy wheel cleaner.
It has won Auto Express Best Buy Wheel Cleaner Award six years in a row!

“auto-wheel made good progress on our filthy trims.”
- Auto Express Magazine

image of auto wheel with a trigger spray top


Practical Classics Best Buy logo

cleanser polish is an all-in-one paint surface care polish.
It won Best Buy Car Polish from Practical Classics Magazine with a 15/15 rating. 

“As close to a friction-free finish as possible!”
- Practical Classics Magazine.

image of cleanser fluid bottle with micro fiber cloth and applicator pad.

surfex HD 

Surfex HD award badges, 2012, 2016, 2016

surfex HD is a powerful, water-cased multiple award-winning APC (all-purpose cleaner).
Designed to remove heavy oils, greases and stubborn grime when used at high concentrations, yet extremely effective at 1-4% on lighter soilds, and traffic films. 

“Nothing came as close as HD to leaving a clean panel.”
- Auto Express Magazine

Surfex HD 5 litre bottle.


Car mechanic magazine logo and Practical Classics magazine Best Buy logo

deox-C is a rust removing crystalline formulation, which produces a powerful rust removal bath.
It won Best Buy Rust Remover from Practical Classics Magazine and was recommended by Car Mechanics. 

“Any rust on said parts simply vanishes – including any rust that may have formed on threads.”
- Car Mechanics Magazine

image of Deox C tub

hydrate 80

Practical Classics Best Buy logo

hydrate 80 is a powerful rust converter, designed to stabilise corroded steel.
Practical Classics has award hydrate 80 first place – Best buy in a side by side testing leading brands. 

“This product gave us total confidence that the rust had been converted.”
- Practical Classics Magazine.

image of hydrate 80 tub

heavy duty citrus

Car Mechanics best buy and budget best buy logos , and Auto Express Best buy logos from 2013 and 2015

heavy duty citrus is a powerful hand cleaning gel, designed to effortlessly remove stubborn grime, yet it is gentle to skin too. 

“Its mild abrasive additives work deeply into skin and shift dirt that other cleaners cannot deal with.”
- Auto Express Magazine

Bottle of Heavy Duty Citrus 5 litre with hand pump top


Practical Classics Best Buy logo

electrox zinc-rich primer provides very high levels of corrosion protection to steel surfaces.
Can be used as a stand-alone coating, or can be top coated with virtually any top coat system. 

“Anti-corrosion results were first class and the final finish is smooth matte.”

Electrox aerosol can


Practical Classics Best Buy logo

etchweld is an etching primer which protects surfaces from corrosion and promotes superb adhesion.
It was voted Best Self-Etching Primer by Practical Classics Magazine. 

“Not one single spec came away in our adhesion test.”
- Practical Classics Magazine.

Image of Etchweld aerosol can


Car Mechanic Best Buy logo

ferrosol is a high quality, multi-purpose lubricant.
Design to free rusted together parts, displace water, restore electrical circuits and provide corrosion protect. 

“The product really came into its own fully removing the test bolts.”
- Car Mechanics – Recommended Product.

image of ferrosol aerosol can.