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Injection Lance for use with dynax-S50 and ferrosol.


600mm / 2ft long, 5mm diameter Injection Lance for use with dynax-S50 and ferrosol.

Please note that injection lances are supplied with 750ml aerosols of Dynax-S50. This listing is for customers who wish to order additional lances separately.

Quick Guide

600mm / 2ft Injection Lance for use with dynax-S50 and ferrosol

How To Use

Remove the standard button spray nozzle from the aerosol by holding it between thumb and forefinger and gently pulling, be sure to point the nozzle away from your face when doing this.

Hold a cloth or rag over the discharge nozzle of the lance. Locate the lance button into place over the aerosol valve. Gently push down. You should not need to apply enough force to actually discharge any material, but keeping the rag in place over the nozzle is a sensible precaution.

Insert the lance into the access point of the cavity then begin spraying. Gradually withdraw the lance from the access point. Be sure to stop spraying before removing the discharge nozzle from the access point.

Once the lance has been used it should be cleared of cavity wax before storage. Attaching the lance to ferrosol and discharging a small amount will be sufficent to clear it of wax.

Shipping Info

This product is non-hazardous and can be shipped worldwide