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A plush, real sheepskin double sided mitt with a very deep pile.


Deep-pile genuine sheepskin mitt

A plush, real sheepskin double sided mitt with a deep pile to prevent swirl marks caused by grit entrapment caused by firmer materials. 

Recognised as the finest way to wash a vehicle's paintwork, sheep's wool is the better way to care for your finish at the washing stage.

Rinse and air dry after use for long service life.

Quick Guide

This mitt can be used as a direct substitute for traditional sponges with a good bucket washing technique.

How To Use

When submerging the wash the mitt into the wash bucket, swirl to release any particulate matter that may be trapped in the hairs. Every so often, hold the cuff open, submerge and fill mitt with water, then allow the water to back-flush through the mitt to rinse contamination from the pile from the inside.

In an ideal world two mitts are used, one for wheels and lower panels the other for higher, less contaminated panels.

Shipping Info

This product is non-hazardous and can be sent worldwide for shipping purposes. The packed weight is 150g.