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Polishes, waxes & clay bars

Our wax range includes carnauba waxes - with unrivalled durability in both paste and liquid form. Easy to use, all-in-one resin based liquid polishes and our unique corrosion inhibiting wax, auto-balm.

Three different grades of clay bar are produced, all of which require no additional lubricant; the grade selected is determined by the level of contamination and season.


Paints and coatings

We produce heavy-duty, anti-corrosive, zinc rich primers. The toughest zinc containing epoxy mastics designed for the long-term protection of steel which is exposed to the harshest of conditions.

We also manufacture etch primers and adhesion promoters for tricky surfaces as well and high-build primers and spray fillers. Irrespective of surface Bilt-Hamber Laboratories will provide first class surface protection and finish.



We offer safe and easy to use biodegradable rust removers. These are used extensively in vehicle restoration, fuel tank and waterway cleaning.

Our cavity waxes are tested to destruction and massively outperform other competing materials. Now available in bulk and in easy to use packs – so protection of vehicles for life has never been easier.


Cleaning and degreasing

Compliant formulations that use water to produce cleaning power equal to and superior to harsh solvents, our range includes snow foams, degreasers, hand cleaners and vehicle shampoos.

We also produce a powerful anti-bacterial and fungal air conditioning cleaning aerosol air-con bomb. Ferrosol universal lubricant cleans, degreases and displaces water. It lubricates 3.5 times more effectively than another well known brand of water displacing lubricant.



These application products have been handpicked and tested throughout our range. They get the most out of our other products as they have been designed to work with them.

These products include application pads for waxes and polishes, injection lances for cavity wax application, brushes, plush microfiber cloths, solvents and hand cleaner pumps.


Bilt-Hamber Laboratories has always used research, innovative chemistry and thorough testing as the way to produce better performing products. Every product released for sale has been extensively compared to and tested for superiority against market leading and specialist competitive formulations.

From our clay bars to cavity waxes, etch primers to carnauba waxes and shampoos to rust removers, each Bilt-Hamber formulation has been made from conception to production with the same care.

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