Best Car Polish, Car Wax, Rust Remover Kits For Corrosion And Rust Prevention

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Corrosion Treatment

Our range of products includes safe-to-use rust removers and corrosion treatments for the successful treatment and cleaning of rusted and corroded surfaces.

The non-acid products are easy-to-use, biodegradable and available in a gelled version for application to surfaces, or concentrated crystalline form for the production of a powerful yet safe rust removal bath.

For rapid treatment rust converters are preferred, as the rapid chelating reaction time allows faster work progress.

Anti-Corrosion Coatings

We manufacture very high performance anti-corrosion and cavity waxes.

They form waxy films from soft to firm and ASTM B117 performance in excess of 2000hrs and in thick film application in excess of 5000hrs.

Our paints, primers and coatings include our high quality etch primer that includes a weld-thorough function too. High-bild, primer filler is used for perfecting surfaces before top coats.

Our zinc rich primer Electrox contains in excess of 93% zinc in the dry film and provides outstanding corrosion protection for steel surfaces.

Our unique epoxy mastic product is ultra tough and provides the perfect finish for chassis coating.

Cleaners and Degreasing

Heavy duty water-based cleaners for automotive, industrial application remove dirt and grime effortlessly and pleasantly, their biodegradable formulations meet all EC requirements too.

We product gentle solvent based cleanser-fluid that cleans all oil based or hydrocarbon based road film from vehicle paint and leaves the surface perfectly prepared for waxing.

Our powerful yet gentle hand-cleaners include plant based solvents or entirely water based with natural pumice.

Effective protection for hands is provided by our barrier creams.

Polishes, Waxes and Clay Bars

Our range of car and automobile polishes and clay bars are second to none.

These products win time and time again in independent objective tests proving that our dedication of achieving class leading performance is maintained.

Our clay bars easily and simply remove all manner of surface contamination and in conjunction with our fallout remover revive the most severely adulterated paintwork.

Our range of LSP’s (last stage products) covers easy-to-use liquid polishes and waxes both with and without abrasives to an anti-corrosion sealer for paint, chrome and metal.

Our carnauba based liquid and paste waxes will provide gloss and durability that will out last boutique waxes costing several hundred pounds.